• FBA sourcing and MOQ optimization
  • FBA Private Label
  • QA and QC
  • FBA Logistics
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  • Product sourcing in China and Southeast Asia. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) optimization
    SCS GROUP is an experienced FBA sourcing company with a local office in China. Our team has more than 14 years of experience in sourcing products in China and Southeast Asia.
    Our services include: product sourcing, supplier verification, factory audit, price negotiation, product monitoring, order follow-up, quality control, quality inspection, logistics support, etc.
    SCS GROUP is your trusted one-stop Amazon FBA agent in China to prepare and ship products to Amazon FBA warehouses.
  • Create your own brand for Amazon store
    It is important to stand out from your competitors, hence we offer FBA product label solutions to customize and brand your products. Well-designed and packaged goods will catch attention of your Amazon customers and allow you to set higher prices and increase your profits.
    Our one-stop service ensures our team will find you a reliable supplier, identify products that are right for you, as well as offer you a full range of FBA prep services, including: private label for your branding, packaging, packing, marking, quality inspection, as well as FBA shipping to Amazon warehouses.
    As we are based in China we have become experienced in supplier searching and product sourcing. We can find you a reliable manufacturer in China, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Bangladesh, etc.
  • FBA Inspections: QA and QC
    Throughout the Quality Assurance system product quality control is performed at every stage of the supply chain as it allows to reduce risks of receiving damaged and defective goods, ensures technical compliance and helps to avoid delivery delays.
    Our professionals enable you to fully control the manufacturing process with our regular checks on the quantity and weight of the goods, quality of packaging, as well as correct coding and markings.
    Our team runs negotiations with suppliers on your behalf, orders product samples and performs necessary inspections along with placement of production order.
    We are committed to help you minimize the quantity of rejected items by Amazon. In case there are issues with the quality of your products, we will negotiate with suppliers on your behalf and fix the problems before your products are shipped to Amazon FBA warehouse.
  • FBA Label, packaging and shipping services
    Get your goods ready for Amazon with your personal sourcing agent in China. According to your requirements, SCS GROUP team will provide you with packing, packaging and labelling that will meet Amazon's warehousing standards.
    After receiving your products from a supplier, our team will affix FNSKU and shipping labels, which are required by Amazon.
    Prior to shipment, goods and packaging are checked, marking and coding are examined and confirmed.
    You can also benefit from our FBA logistics services. If no product defects are found and all conditions are met, the goods will then be shipped directly to Amazon warehouse. Our team can assist you with shipping to Amazon FBA warehouses in the USA, Canada and Europe, as well as plan shipping for you within China.
Why Amazon?
  • #1 online retailer in the world
    Amazon is the world's largest e-commerce company.
  • Huge market potential for sales
    Amazon has over 300 million active users, with 90 million Prime subscribers in the USA. The average customer spends $700 per year on Amazon, Prime customers spend roughly $1,300 per year.
  • Unlimited storage space
    You don't have to worry about how much or how little storage space you need – Amazon FBA will take care of it for you.
  • Price leader
    9 out of 10 US customers price check a product on Amazon.
  • Regular and secure payments
    Amazon deposits your funds directly to your bank
    account every 7 days.
  • Business that can run without you
    You can run your business on Amazon from anywhere in the world. Amazon fully manages storage, order processing, packing, shipping and customer service for your goods.
Are you an Amazon seller or planning to become one?
SCS GROUP is your reliable one-stop sourcing agent in China that will take care of all the aspects of building your Amazon store – from product buying to FBA shipping.

SCS GROUP team provides professional services in supplier searching and product sourcing based on your needs, facilitates factory audits, performs permit and licenses verification, carries out product capacity evaluation as well as supplier's management system assessment.

You can enter the US, Canadian or the European market without having to worry about manufacturing, warehousing or logistics. Amazon stores your inventory at its own warehouse, accepts payments on your behalf, as well as delivers goods to your customers. With its superb customer service management Amazon will take care of your customers, so they feel more inclined to return and purchase again from your Amazon store.

SCS GROUP team will help you create a well-designed unique product, as well as will guide you step by step throughout the whole process to make sure you are satisfied with the end result. Our one-stop service ensures support for all existing and new Amazon sellers to gain all benefits from the Amazon FBA program.
Still got questions?

No worries – our specialists will navigate you within the work algorithm, production and delivery times, and will assist in developing your own products to sell on Amazon.
Why choose us
  • #1 in China

    Leader in supply chain management service in China for Russian clients.
  • Since 2006
    Almost 15 years of product sourcing in China and Southeast Asia for our clients in retail, property development, investors, individual enterprises, and others.
  • 100+ employees

    Permanent employees based in China.
  • Constant market presence in China
    Our team is based in China and we personally visit production facilities to perform pre-shipment and other inspections.
  • We work only with reliable suppliers
    Having extensive experience in supplier searching and product sourcing we have become familiar with a wide range of manufacturers for all kinds of products. Our team only works with trusted suppliers allowing us to provide our customers with high-quality products for very competitive prices.
SCS GROUP (South China Service Group) is an international company offering a wide range of B2B services in supply chain management and business support in China and Southeast Asia.

Established in 2006 as a consulting company in China, SCS GROUP comprises its own divisions for consulting, sourcing, OEM/ODM, logistics, quality control, customs clearance, import and export services for diverse product categories.

Our Services
  • Product sourcing in China and Southeast Asia
    With years of supplier searching we have managed to add hundreds of reliable manufacturers to our database. Our team regularly attends industry-related exhibitions and expos in China and Hong Kong, monitors market trends, and constantly finds new suppliers.
    With more than 14 years of purchasing experience, our team has learned to understand client's needs and always find products that meet customer's individual requirements.
  • Wholesale purchases, manufacturing in China
    We will assist you in organizing wholesale purchases of necessary equipment and materials based on your personal needs. Our services include: packaging, packing, labelling, quality inspection, customs clearance, as well as shipping. You have nothing to worry about – your reliable partner in China will take care of every step – from product sourcing to shipping.

  • Quality Control
    Quality inspection is a must when you are sourcing products from abroad. It is critical to be attentive to manufacturers – whether they have legal permits to operate, be constantly monitoring products for defects, as well as be on the lookout for any accidents that may arise.
    It is important for us that you are confident with the end result and are satisfied with our services, hence we carry out quality control measures at all stages – perform supplier factory audits, verify licenses and permits, perform product quality inspection, carry out pre-shipment and loading inspections.
  • Logistics
    SCS GROUP offers worldwide shipping from China and Southeast Asia. We work together with many logistics providers to ensure we are able to offer you the lowest price possible.
    We value our customers and their experience with us, hence we monitor shipped goods at all stages while they are being delivered to your address of choice.
  • Business tours to China
    Once the epidemiological situation gets better and travelling becomes more accessible again, we will be more than happy to welcome you in China as a part of our business tour.
    You will visit factories that are of interest to you, attend major exhibitions and expos, visit trade shows. Our goal – to make your business trip to China as comfortable and productive as possible.
  • Consulting services
    Foreign market activities often entail risks affecting overall business performance. SCS GROUP has many years of experience, knowledge and legal awareness, which has allowed us to efficiently solve any business problems for all kinds of companies and industries. We believe any project should be evaluated by profit it yields, degree of brand awareness among existing and potential customers, as well as reputation.
    We will help you solve any business challenges and eliminate risks associated with foreign market activities.


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